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Unveiling the Future Discover What's New with ManyFace

Stay ahead of the curve with ManyFace! Our "What's New" page is your one-stop shop to discover all the exciting new features and enhancements we've been working on. From groundbreaking AI advancements to usability improvements, this page will keep you informed and empowered to create even more engaging video content. Dive in and unleash the full potential of ManyFace! 

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Grow Yourself

Future Upcoming Steps

These are just a few of the exciting updates we've got in store for you. Stay tuned for more innovations and improvements to our AI avatar video generator, and get ready to take your video content to the next level!with, where your avatar awaits!

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Separate Voice Cloning

Create a unique voice clone from a simple voice sample that sound natural and authentic. Personalize your videos with a voice that echoes your brand’s identity.

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Social Media Integration

Skip the wait, chat with our AI! Get instant answers & friendly service on Instagram.Our AI can answer your questions & guide you through Manyface

Image to Video

Turn your favorite photos into animated videos, complete with AI-generated avatars and voiceovers. This is perfect for creating engaging social media content, product demos, or even personalized video messages.

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Brand Advertising Campaigns

Use our AI avatar technology to create eye-catching, engaging ads that drive results. Our team will work closely with you to develop a custom campaign that meets your brand's needs and budget, helping you stand out from the competition and reach new heights.

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