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Self-hosted LLM for augmented decision-making

Digital AI experts for yourData

Secure Intelligence, In Your Hands

Use Cases

Enterprise-grade digital experts on any cloud or on-premises.Our goal at manyface is to empower human talent with AI-driven data insights for business successwe are here to solve this for less.


Human resource




Information Technology

Top AI Experts

Access to best augmented decision-making has never been easier

Our Research

Our Mixture of experts approach with diverse consultant characters reduces parameters and boosts model quality. Our custom model provides the best expert for each task, maximizing performance for consultations while staying efficient. With a focus on leveraging a large number of total parameters and diverse experts, our model stands poised to surpass traditional language models for enterprise usecases, offering unparalleled performance on consultant character responses.

Empowering seamless human-machine communication by harnessing our unique AI consultants with human-like conversations, driving transformation through intelligent decision-making.


Who Are We

We are 12 engineers who consists of AI researchers from Cambridge, student partners at AWS, Microsoft & Google. As our platform is set to reach 100k downloads as we focus in building a robust AI Consultancy app based on augmented decision-making.

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AI Consultants

Our AI consultants guide you on crafting your perfect digital companion, from customization to conversation mastery. Learn to spark engaging discussions, personalize your learning journey, and unlock advanced features. Get the most out of ManyFace with our expert AI guidance.

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Our tools can help you produce everything from product descriptions and blog posts to email newsletters and social media updates.
Frictionless Integration on your servers and local machines
Simply input some basic information or keywords about your brand or product, and let our AI algorithms do the rest.

Increased employee productivity = Increased ROI
View, edit or export your result with a few clicks.


We’re always looking for great talent who can contribute & align with our future goals.

Flexible Pricing

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 / MO

Contact us For Custom Plans tailored to
your business.

  • 8 Unlocked AI Experts
  • Unlimited Messages/month
  • 100mb Data Storage
  • Files expiration (1 month)
  • Create Upto 3 Experts
  • Upto 3 Multiple Users
  • Web search
  • Multi-agent Responses (Coming soon)
  • Dedicated Support


 / MO

Contact us For Custom Plans tailored to
your business.

  • All Manyface AI Experts
  • Unlimited/month
  • 1GB Data Storage
  • Files expiration (Forever)
  • Unlimited Experts
  • Unlimited Users
  • Web search
  • Multi-agent Responses (Coming soon)
  • Premium Support
Payment services are available
through mobile and desktop apps.

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